Thursday, 21 March 2013

Bulkhead Dryfitted

Today I managed to get the bulkhead dry fitted and also refine the camber of the sheer clamps.  

Following my earlier post, I contacted John Brooks, Somes Sound 12.5 designer, who quickly reassured me that the bulkhead would be fine without having to make a new web frame also.  Fitting the bulkhead was quite slow, because I fitted the bulkhead in one piece rather than in two halves: the narrowing of the planks as you move forward creates a challenge since you have to insert the bulkhead aft of its final position where the jogs do not line up....

The specifications for shaping the sheer clamp camber call for a pattern to be made which has a rise of 2" over 6'.  This also defines the shape for the top of the bulk head in addition to the cambers of sheer clamps.  It does however cause the camber at the stem to look quite flat, but I am sure when the deck is fitted it will make sense visually.

Play came to a stop early today while cutting the cleats to support the bulkhead, my nice shiny Japanese pull saw ripped through my thumb...ouch!!

A salutary reminder to stay awake and keep flesh and tools apart......

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