Monday, 20 May 2013

It's that time of year again....

In case anyone is curious why the blog seems to have come to a standstill, it's because my building has come to a standstill..!!  This is no time of year to be stuck inside a shed, when there's (allegedly) plenty of Wild Atlantic Spring Salmon and Irish Wild brown trout to be caught!  Also, doing a bit of sailing..

It's only temporary and I will be back building at the end of summer....

Update end of Summer....well the Salmon proved elusive but I did manage to catch a best ever wild brown trout of 7.5lbs (returned)  and a Tuna of about 40lbs (duly eaten by grateful crew on trip from Sicily to Greece!


  1. Hi Embla,
    Excellent blog. I have been reading it in between reading Johns book. If we had wild spring salmon here in Australia I would be fishing also. If I may suggest a very useful woodworking tool - a farriers file, used for trimming horses feet, cheap and removes wood/lead/alloy/epoxy/skin off your hands fast and leaves a surprisingly good finish. 101 uses in the shed and around the house.
    keep up the good work. expect pics of the fish.

  2. Andrew, I took your advice and bought a farriers file - very effective if a little coarse. I used it successfully in conjunction with my razor sharp Japanese file to great effect. Thanks for the tip!