Thursday, 15 December 2011

Preparing my own workshop

Initially I thought I'd like to build one of these -  a Herreshoff Watch Hill 15', which I naively assumed was just a small 15 footer...since my garage was 18 by 18 I thought it would fit nicely!  This insight might afford those of you (if anyone ever reads this) that I am a complete newbie to the world of wooden boats and boat building.  I digress - but I came to sailing relatively recently - sailing family cruisers, and began to recognise the beauty of wooden boats and thought - yep I'd like one of those!

So first I reckoned I needed to clear out my garage - by building a new shed to accommodate my motor bikes and mechanical tools etc..  That simple week-end job took about 6 weeks, but finally I got my workshop cleared and a work area of sorts outside on a newly paved area in the form of a "car port" attached to my garage.  

The video is yet again another insight into my naive optimism of building my boat in this tight space.  

Roll on 3 months when my supply of timber arrived and I could hardly get into the garage - and that was before I have set up my strongback and molds!  Oh well, naivety has proved to be a positive attribute in my build so far - had I really understood the nature of the challenges, I probably wouldn't have even begun...that said it has been a really fascinating and enjoyable learning curve.


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  1. Loved the vid!
    peter in Hong Kong
    Also building a Somes Sound.